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Credits & Attributions

We hope that you find this resource useful and will share knowledge of it among your friends in the Myst Online community! is a service of the Guild of Messengers.
Concept and site by John "Marten" Johns, now maintained and managed by Stefano "Leonardo" Campanella.
Original software and database by Erik, current version by Leonardo.
Site and graphics designed by Keith "Tweek" Lord, except as noted below.
Hosted on HostKitten.
Special thanks to Gorobay and Janaba for finding new sites to add, to Lunanne for helping with the huge task of adding those sites to the database, to Anaerin for CSS help and to OHB for "code checking".

Additional graphics are attributed as follows:

Questions, concerns, or problems? Please direct feedback to our contact form or to " updates" at the Guild of Messengers' Forum.

Recent Feature History

2.2 - February 12th 2012

  • Fixed an issue with short links used with websites paths: the paths are no longer converted to lower case and the slashes in the path are never doubled

2.1 - September 26th 2011

  • Minor Code adjustments
  • Added Anti-Spam Service on the Contact Form

2.0 - August 24th 2011

  • The code and the database structure have been completely rewritten.
  • Slight change in entries rendering in the tables.
  • URL parameters and paths are trasmitted to the final page even when a partial tag is given.
  • Deleted languages preferences, added language filter to the search form
  • Added shared login with GoMe website
  • New contact form
  • New front-end for administration

1.3.3a - 01-Sep-2010

  • Incorporated Greek and Russian names in their own languages (thanks to Gorobay)
  • No longer skipping 1st element of RSS feed from Guild of Messengers - GoMe feed no longer exports welcome msg at top of feed

1.3.3 - 22-Apr-2010

  • Added Greek and Russian languages.

1.3.2a - 03-Mar-2010

  • Incorporated a better solution to the problem originally addressed by 1.3.2. Original matching behavior restored.

1.3.2 - 01-Mar-2010

  • Minor update so that a few special queries will now return search results. This created a behavior change. will no longer automatically forward if the tag used in a URL (<tag>) does not match precisely.

1.3.1b - 21-Feb-2010

  • Minor Bugfix.

1.3.1 - 16-Feb-2010

  • Search results now do not generate double listings. (Aggregation is turned off in search results.)
  • Rows now dynamically grow in height for entries that need more space for descriptions. Thanks to Anaerin.
  • Aggregated links now wrap to the next line nicely, and use a hanging indent. Thanks to Anaerin.

1.3.0 - 15-Feb-2010

  • Many spacing adjustments so that more information fits on a page.
  • New subcategory indexes added to each page. Click to jump to the desired page section.
  • Icons added for Forums, Chat, Facebook, Twitter, RSS, and other types of special information.
  • Facebook, Twitter, RSS, and other information can be combined in a single listing.
  • Added mouseover text to aggregated links.
  • Publishing dates now displayed on the News feed.
  • Attributions moved to Credits page.
  • Feature History added to Credits page.

1.2.7b - 10-Feb-2010

  • Non-user-visible bugfix
  • Szark's banner added to About page.

1.2.7a - 30-Jan-2010

  • Added attribution for flag icons to About page.

1.2.7 - 27-May-2009

  • Fixed searches on tags with underscores.
  • Added Hungarian and Slovak languages.
  • Added preferences option to open links in a new window or tab.